Band History

In 2014, the name CrossBorn came to Marty Gibson in a dream. The very next day, he offered the name to his bandmates in the Neoga Grace United Methodist Church praise band. Shortly after that, he wrote the song and began the arduous recording process. 

Fast forward to 2017. Marty finished recording CrossBorn and three other original Christian hard rock songs and began looking for opportunities to share his work. At this point, Jamison Leesley of Leesley Films arrived on the scene. After reviewing Marty's songs, Jamison agreed to include them in his upcoming Christian Science Fiction thriller, Apparition.

In quick fashion, Jamison enlisted Marty's help with producing an instrumental track and agreeing to shoot the movie's next scene at Rock University in Neoga, Marty's music instruction business.

With all of these things happening so quickly and painlessly, Marty realized it was time to come out of his so-called "gigging retirement" and get the band together. What better place to start than with the CrossBorn Praise Band? Vocalist/keyboardist Paul Bierman and drummer Garet Shuemaker immediately jumped at the opportunity. Where else to look? Family, of course. Marty's brother, Bryan, climbed on board to play bass and offer background vocals along with Marty and Garet. The final piece of the musical puzzle fell into place when Marty's co-worker, Steve McCann, brought his piano skills to the group. In addition to being an awesome pianist and high school Math teacher, Steve is also a pastor.

Then, in early 2018, Paul experienced some life changes which led to his resignation from the band. There was no drama, no scandal, or anything of the sort. Paul is still a good friend. Fortunately, Thad Brimner was available to step in front of the microphone for the group. His vocal style is different than Paul's, which gives a different feel to the band's songs, just as rocking as before, but with a lower, grittier lead vocal.

In early 2020, original drummer Garet Shuemaker decided it was time to be home more and spend time with his wife and little girl. Again, no drama or anything, just life changes that we all go through. To fill the void in the rhythm section, the group recruited Mr. Jeff Ogle, who plays drums at Steve's church.