February 19, 2020

Hey Hey! What do you say? Today's a website update day! Let's see . . . what's new? Well, we have a new drummer. Garet needed to spend more time at home with little Avery Grace, so he's focusing on being a dad, and a husband to Brittney. Jeff Ogle, who plays drums at Steve's church, has stepped in to beat the skins for us.

What else is going on? We will be recording a full album this year, with a projected release date in August. As soon as Marty's Rock U Studio is up and running in Tuscola, we'll get started on it. As for live work, we're still not as busy as we'd like, but we do have a big show coming up May 2nd. On that date, The Crisis Nursery of Effingham County will be hosting their annual Rock For Kids fundraiser at The Effingham Performance Center. We'll be playing from 5-6:30, followed by 1973 The Music of Journey and The Surviving Members. Great music for a worthy cause. Come rock with us!